Extra Neutral Alcohol

Extra Neutral Alcohol


Appearance Clear Liquid, Colorless
CAS NO 60-12-8
Assay 99.00 % Min
Boiling pint :220.0 0 C
Boiling Point 64.7 °c
Density 792 kg/m³
Molar mass 32.04 g/mol
Melting point -97.6 °C
Vapor pressure 13.02 kPa

We are engaged in offering Extra Neutral Alcohol 96.4% to our clients. It is a colorless liquid, which is volatile and flammable. It is also known as ethyl alcohol 96 %, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol. Our offered product is highly acknowledged for its precise composition, high effectiveness, and authenticity. It leads to intoxication when consumed. We thoroughly examine our sourced products on the basis of various quality parameters before forwarding them to the clients.


Details : Extra neutral alcohol also called ethyl alcohol 96 %, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. For the Perfect Blending it needs the Aroma according to the product needed like sweet for RUM, Gin. Detailed Description A psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs known to man, ethanol produces a state known as alcohol intoxication when consumed. Ethanol is a 2-carbon alcohol with the molecular formula CH3CH2OH. Its empirical formula is C2H6O. An alternative notation is CH3OH, which indicates that the carbon of a methyl group (CH3) is attached to the carbon of a methylene group (CH2), which is attached to the oxygen of a hydroxyl group (OH). It is a constitutional isomer of dimethyl ether. Ethanol is often abbreviated as EtOH, using the common organic chemistry notation of representing the ethyl group (C2H5) with Et. Please find the Specifications of ENA as Under -

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Test analysis

Ethanol content, percent by volume at 15.6oC


Miscibility with water




Acidity, as acetic acid, percent by weight, maximum


Residue on evaporation, percent by weight, maximum


Aldehydes, as acetaldehyde, g/100 ml, maximum


Esters, as ethyl acetate, g/100 ml, maximum


Copper, as Cu, g/100 ml, maximum


Lead, as Pb, g/100 ml, maximum


Methyl alcohol

To satisfy test.

Fusel oil

To satisfy test.

Ketones, isoproply alcohol and tertiary butyl alcohol

To satisfy test.

Total sulphur and sulphur compounds, as S, percent by weight, maximum


Sulphur dioxide, as SO2, percent by weight, maximum



40 Mins

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